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This album was recorded in and around Kansas City, MO in summer and fall 2013. The writing process started in 2011 ("The Big Chill") and ended sometime after that.


released January 3, 2014



all rights reserved


SeaKings Kansas City, Missouri

A post-coital band from Kansas City, Missouri.

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Track Name: Anthem Part III
I’ve got a feeling I can’t explain, so I cast it out to sea.
Vardaman said his mother’s a fish
Can you feel it? Does it swim through your veins?

So here I am, my tail between my legs
I’ll call you to tell you that I’m still here

I’ll teach you how to trust again
Still it’s me who takes it on the chin

Please try not to cry. It's not your fault.
You've burned these bridges and made your escape.
But there are some monsters you can't run from
That got trapped within your head.
Sometimes the hardest part of surviving, is
Continuing to live.
Track Name: Glory (Worm) Holes
You read the Yi-Jing
You’ve got predictions
Conditions for our future
But you forgot it in people

You can’t bring me to say
That it’s all in your words
It’s time we put this thing to rest

Liquor and wicker, they both burn quickly
It doesn’t matter what you say, you’re always blowing smoke

Words, words—the only thing that you say
Track Name: You Frack Like a Cylon
You were an artist that I failed to recognize
But now I see it, you’re strewn up in hotel bedrooms
Your art sells, but so did your soul
If I felt so compelled, I’d bring it back to earth
Right in front of you so you could see it

What is tragedy anyway?
A slow death over a long time, or a quick one without goodbye?
Or the relapse of an economy
Because selfish kids couldn’t catch a break
Sometimes it’s best just to let things boil down and soak them in.

Is this what you call changing the structure?
Just because you cheat and steal, doesn't mean that you know
What it's like to be working class. I could lie awake
And try to think of a better way to stop and reanalyze my life.
Track Name: The Big Chill
I said: “This one’s a thinker.”
But your body’s so weak
At least I can exercise your mind

I should’ve wondered what you were thinking
Instead of pondering that film

There’s been so much to say
But so little time
And I never learned to gracefully apologize

There’s been so much to say
Track Name: Where to Bury Your Parents
We’re throwing caution to the wind
But where does it go?
If rain washes away our sins
How will we know?

Maybe you were right, maybe I was wrong
But I would rather fight than never try at all.
Take another drink, just have another drink.
It's good to know that you know what's best.
Swallow all your words, forget what you said.
In the morning just live with it.
Maybe this will work, but I know it won't.
I'm just glad to know that I have failed.

The return of the cicadas
After seventeen years’ time
It shows us nature’s in control
Check-in, check-out: couldn’t mean less

It’s a start and stop progression
Proceed with baby steps
Keep your toddler legs strong
The best is yet to come

Let the world govern you
When people lose their prime
They’ll admit defeat
They always do.
Track Name: Weeknight Party Theme
You were a class that I dropped
I lost interest in the middle of autumn
The early allure of the unknown
Gently found its way from my scope

Kalvaitis writes his own songs
As he makes the day
He dreams of other jobs
Do you feel the same when your day’s gone?

I’m enjoying freedom more
And I reserve my right to explore
Other things because simply put
I don’t wanna learn you anymore!

I understand why people do bad things
But I can’t figure out how
I understand how people do bad things
But I can’t understand why
Track Name: Forgetting Sarah Somebody
I’ve amassed a collection of female items by my bedside
I’ve got so many hairties!
The only ties I’ve kept

The only ties I need
I keep them as replacements of you, if temporary, you’re still that somebody that I’ve been searching for since that night

You find yourself alone in a room full of opportunity
With a jukebox in an unlit scene
Where friends act as walls
And your words go misunderstood, they’re misunderstood again

We’ve running out of time
Our time is running out
We’re running wasted time
We’re wasted running time
Track Name: Queer Plungers
A shower should be a terrifying experience
What with the rush of the water
And the asphyxiation
Yet, still we welcome it
We corral the unnatural

It’s time we took a trip back to the days of our ancestors
Where things seemed so natural and pure
But we might just fall right off the edge of the world
On down like a rainfall

You can’t stop breathing, so why try to hold your breath?
We work so hard to preserve that we forget the present
Here’s my plea to forget face cream: stop sleeping, begin to dream
Stop sleeping, begin to dream.
Track Name: A Guide to Paratrooping
Sober up and fess up!
It’s not my place to tell you what is wrong and what’s right
…but we both know you fucked up, you made a mistake

In this life you can have your cake or eat it
So tell me which is more important:
Conviction or condescension?

I never came. Your eyes might look bright in the morning
But we both know they’re filled with lies. I never came.

All my friends are fucking! The scenes are blending together. It’s unnatural, confectionary.
It’s an apple in the hands of our descendants
…but tell me who was the snake all along?

I never should've opened that door
I never should've let you in!
I regret everything I've ever done
I regret everyone