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Each song is about a place that doesn't exist anymore...excluding--maybe-- "(This is My) Springfield".
Each town has its story and this is our effort to tell each one, either factually or thematically. We hope this album will be both entertaining and educational.


released June 5, 2015

Recorded in January 2015 at SoundWorks in Blue Springs, Missouri by Andy Oxman and Tayler Spencer.
It was mastered by Matt Elliott.



all rights reserved


SeaKings Kansas City, Missouri

A post-coital band from Kansas City, Missouri.

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Track Name: (Clearing) The Jungle
The yellow note was posted
It’s time that we get gone
But the going’s getting tough here
And it’s hard to keep calm

They sent in their suits
Carried out the suit against us
Corralled us like animals
We walk in unified chorus

We’ve been living in a tent city
Because the world can be scary
We’re trying to find our way
Well we found each other

We have only the sacks on our backs
The contents will vary
Between sentimental items
And that which we can carry

They gave us only minutes
Time enough to grab what we could
What if the tables had turned?
Would you feel the same way?
Track Name: Lidice
We heard the footsteps early on
Mistaken for the severely drunk
Unusual for a Wednesday
Especially in our occupied town
We thought nothing of it
Until the footsteps finally stopped

The sun never came up for us
We the ones in our PJs
They with unsubstantiated hate
We were a line in his opus

Here we are today
Standing on a hill in bronze
Overlooking our hometown
A vast memory of what was
Though it might seem like nothing
We all died for a cause

There came and went those bangs
And there were flashes of light
We kind of knew what to expect
When we were told to stand outside

My father’s mattress up against the wall
Five by five by ten by ten
Though they feared, they stood tall
And then and there our brothers did fall
No sense in asking why the did it
They were all lemmings with guns

Our ghosts will dance on empty graves
In dance halls that are long-since razed
The cause they fought left our lives gone
They came to find that the village was wrong
Track Name: Kowloon (Walled City)
We were here before but undocumented
They came, they went; but we never moved

I chose a while back to never write our history down
Instead, you see, we sing it on and on

Around campfires our stories go
We keep time together
Our hearts do flow
We keep time together

Sing that song to me: sing it and see
Tell me that story: the story of our history

They’ll have come and they’ll have gone
And never have found a trace
Our stories, they are told
From face to face
Track Name: Picher
If you shit where you eat
The ground will break through right around you
Tear your insides out
And show the darkness that’s inside

I’ve been your neighbor for years
You only need ask and I’ll be here
When the rain comes will you still drink?
Did the dollar break your soul? Your soul to keep

Poisoned from the inside out
Will displeasure blow you away?

I’ve been your neighbor for years
You only need ask and I’ll be here
When the rain comes will you still drink?
Did the dollar break your soul? Your soul to take

Maybe you’ll be better off
When the flood comes
And washes you away
I’m glad that I’m not you
Track Name: Le Hunt
When times were good, times were great
The rocks left, the money came
They grew where the stood
When times were great, times were good

The smokestack once blew
Spectral smoke into the sky
Years later, the spectre still did fly

The stink of defeat
Smelled of ashes too
The same ones
That this smokestack once blew

We’re all haunted by memories
And the ghosts of what could be
Track Name: East Berlin
Finally! A world full of color
From the khaki and olive
I dreamt for two weeks
On illegal drugs
Spaced out
And staring at the ceiling

I saw the wall was falling down
I thought the world was falling down
I’m screaming, “Chicken Little, you were wrong!”

In my eyes, it feels like Siberia.
But it looks like Vegas here.

Is it all too much? Is this what you wanted?
Track Name: Epecuén
Dear listener, I don’t want to waste your time
So go ahead and have another drink
You can put it on my dime

You can watch the scene
As the streets fill with water
As the flood slowly rises
And she erases herself

Memories underwater, our ideas forgotten today
Memories underwater, our ideas are floating away

It’s better this way!
Queen Nature wins again
I always say:
“It’s better to be raised than razed”
Track Name: Canfranc
I stand on this green hill
And I think of what could’ve been
The tautology of a train station
Simultaneously the saddest
And the happiest place on earth

Where each goodbye begs a hopeful follow up
And every train car goes everywhere and must return

The sun is brighter here
And the days seem longer
It doesn’t make the nights any shorter

And space is still emptiness or opportunity
Everything that was, everything that could be
Track Name: Sunken Island
You burn all the bridges you have
And the connections you’ve got
The tension rises ropes snap
You’ll find you are sinking in the sea

I’ll watch bubbles come up
As your once-floating body descends
And my eyes get wider
As your whole world gets darker

So push us away again
Let the weight of your decisions sink you
And the sediment clutter your mind
The world is heating, the ice is melting

I’ll make sure our fellow ships stay the hell away from you from here on out
For fear they’ll be stuck and beached
You had that effect before, now it’s exacerbated

And you can still dream
That Poseidon will lift you on his shoulders
And bring you back to the surface
A second chance at existence
Track Name: (This is My) Springfield
I’ve been thinking of it
The worst name to call her: Mother Nature!

On this first day of Spring, feels like summer
Indian Summer: it’s warm and cold and warm…

I run to clear my head of all things
Just like a thought that would stay a while
Well you could stay awhile…
Unpacks its bags and has a snack and
Well I just thought you could stay awhile
Would you please stay a while?

It annoys me that I’m even annoyed
If she don’t care, then why should I care?

You say you’ve found your fun
You’ve got your place up in the sun
I know how I should feel
This is my Springfield!